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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SMS Business Partnership Program offer’s

Partnership Program:
A co-branded partnership, you receive a percentage of the sign-up fee, as well as on-going revenue from your customers. Focused countries are Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Malawi, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE.
SMS partnership offers you:
• 2-way text messaging
• Voice out dial
• Send International SMS Service
• SMS Gateway
• Simple SMS user-friendly products
• Commissions or wholesale rates
• Expert 24*7 technical support
• Free SMS accounts to test and demonstrate
• Detailed reporting
• Differentiation: SMS-enable your product, and add value for you customers
• Reliability: we have a 99.9% uptime
• Experience: thousands of clients, all industries worldwide – we can make SMS work for you
Our Service Product:
• AXIOM - messaging suite
• SPADE - subscription engine
• Intelli ALERT - intelligent messaging
• Web Broadcasting System
• S.CREA.M, Service Creation and Management
• Broadcasts and Alerts
we are using these cases now:
• BFSI Industry
• Retail & FMCG Industry
• Media Industry
• Travel & Hospitality Industry
Partnership Model
Partner's Role:
- Capex – US$ 30,000
- Operational Expenses
Office Infrastructure
Manpower (Sales and Support)
Mobicast Role:
- Two way Messaging Platform
- Software Maintenance and Support
- Business Strategy, Sales Force & Operations Team Training
Mobicast Business Model
Bulk SMS:
- Additional Revenue can be earned through One Time Setup Costs, Annual Charges, and Customized Application as per Enterprise Requirement.
Requirement: Procuring Local SMS Connectivity from Operator/s
SMS Short-Code:
- Keyword-Wise Monthly Rentals from Enterprises.
Requirement: Procuring Unified Short Code/s from the Operators
For more details call to us +91-9910103222 or mail sales@acl-wireless.com visit our website : www.mnatives.com | www.mobicast.in
CORPORATE OFFICE : ACL Wireless Limited First Floor, Tower D Logix Technopark 5 - Expressway, Sec-127 Noida - 201301, India

Monday, November 21, 2011

Planning a Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign for Christmas & New Year 2012?

Planning a Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign for Christmas & New Year 2012? Want to trial our services for FREE Trail* ? then contact us visit our website : www.mnatives.com REGISTER WITH US NOW AND START SENDING YOUR SMS MESSAGES WITHIN MINUTES. Bulk Messaging is where Bulk SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. Bulk SMS to Christmas & New Year is widely used by companies, enterprises, and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing. Mnatives Bulk Messaging has also been used by academic institutions for Mobile Learning and motivational support for rural students. Bulk SMS Sender is a leading provider of bulk SMS messaging service in with reliable coverage of more than 1000 networks in over 200 countries worldwide. We offer the lowest prices for the best price-quality relationship. The given prices with discount are for information. For more details on discounts please contact us on sales@acl-wireless.com

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

IntelliAlert and Axiom/SCREAM our best Popular Product & services.

mNatives is a leading Bulk SMS solutions provider which seamlessly provides SMPP, CIMD, HTTP connectivity to send bulk SMS globally. We are based in India with operating services in Middle East, Gulf, Europe. We have recently launched a new International SMS service and would like you to be part of our network. We have more than 1000 tier-one enterprise clients all around. All of our clients both large and small are equally important to us.We offer various services ranging from SMS services to internet provision at competitive rates. Send SMS across different networks for the lowest rate in all Global. You do not have to worry about poor connections when you are on Mnatives. Our state of the art equipment guarantees you a clear connectivity whether you are Sending SMS by mobile phone or computer. IntelliAlert and Axiom/SCREAM our best Popular Product & services.If you sign up for our services, we will offer you 15 free Send SMS (Trail Service). You can find out more about our products and services from our website. www.mnatives.com

Monday, June 20, 2011

Bulk SMS Consumer pack US/Canada @ INR 2.00

Enjoy the international messaging to US and Canada.

Countries Covered: US and Canada

Buy Now!

Validity: 6 months, Total SMS Credits: 100

No tax , No hidden cost, Direct connectivity, Instant delivery.

Bulk SMS Consumer Packs for Middle East @ INR 1.00

Enjoy the international messaging in all countries of Middle East at only INR 1.00

Countries Covered: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.

Buy Now!

Validity: 6 months, Total SMS Credits: 200

No tax , No hidden cost, Direct connectivity, Instant delivery.

Bulk SMS Aggregator & Reseller service providers

mNatives has come up with a wonderful opportunity for all those who have been searching options and aspiring to become entrepreneurs. Any individual or a firm can become a mNatives’ bulk SMS gateway reseller provider. It is a fully prepaid business model, where the reseller can buy sms credits from mNatives at most competent price and sell them further to his customer at a convenient rate and earn huge profits. mNatives is a global text messaging solution provider that supports a full featured web based SMS application integrated with global network connectivity. mNatives provides its reseller a web based GUI for accessing the system and transactions. This account authorizes reseller to manage its users, brand name and advertise their own domain name and text messaging service. The platform is beginner’s friendly and requires no technical knowledge. Apart from a prefabricated website, mNatives also provide 24/7 technical assistance to all the resellers. It supports unlimited number of sender ids, multilingual and long messages, WAP messages, business cards, flash messages and greetings as well. The reseller can easily manage and monitor all his accounts while expanding the business. For more details you can visit our websites : www.mnatives.com | www.mobicast.in or you can make call & Email at sales@acl-wireless.com Tel: +91.120.4069400 Mobile: +919654958361

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bulk SMS Gateway Reseller Providers

Most of us have once or more thought and aspired to become an entrepreneur and start up our own business. It dispenses you with the discretion of working for yourself and helps fabrication of your aim. It gives you a vision to restructure your own goals. mNatives unprecedented bulk SMS reseller program enables you to accomplish the aforesaid dream. The reseller can buy SMS credits from mNatives and resell them to their customers at pertinent or suitable prices hence fabricating desired profits. Individuals, SMEs and large enterprises can avail this preference.
mNatives bulk SMS reseller program serves as global text messaging elucidation or resolution. It is a full featured SMS web application, integrated with global network connectivity empowering your customers to send text messages anywhere in the world. Being a reseller will augment or boost your profits and elaborate your business. It is an extremely transparent, intelligible and manageable process which works on an essentially pre paid model. The reseller acquires bulk SMS from mNatives at a bargain and further sells it at the price of his own evaluation. Resellers are rendered with a web based GUI for accessing the system and transactions. This account authorizes you to manage and minister your users, brand name and advertise your own domain name and text messaging service. Hence, an extensive and exhaustive database of customers would mean higher profits and more earning. The SMS reseller program substantially concentrates on delivering distinguished and meritorious service to your customers hence strengthening and multiplying your business. mNatives constantly works to enhance its service level and ensures maximum customer satisfaction. This relinquishes and grants you the flexibility of contemplating as well as concentrating on acquiring customers and expanding the data base. mNatives equips you with all the backend services and support required for a flourishing messaging business including text, SI, Flash, Business Cards, SMS greetings and alike services. Being a reseller, you would appreciate the distinguished services extended by mNatives. It provides you easy to use control panel and application program. The account management here is effortless and you need not squander your time in manipulating it. 24/7 technical customer support is also ensured all the times.
mNatives is user friendly, uncomplicated and easy to use. Even first-timers can adopt it with much comfort, ease and with full confidence. It does not require you to be technically sound; general working knowledge of computers will suffice. It is a fully branded free website. We provide you the provision of adding your company’s name, capitalizing your own logo online and acquiring your own domain name. The site is susceptible to innovations and change. You can choose the desired theme color and style and make it appear as intended. Various site contents like sign up, login, contact form etc can be modified. The website gets ready almost instantaneously and the business can be commenced thereafter. It is not a mandate or a prerequisite to alter the software you are currently using, instead mNatives SMS gateway can connect to your software using APIs. It is multi-lingual and supports group and template management as well. Therefore, joining hands with mNatives guarantees success and accomplishment.

Bulk SMS gateway Best medium for business Marketing

In the ever changing enterprising world of business, what is paramount is how well you market your product. Apparently, traditional ways of communicating with the desired audience like advertisements in newspaper, direct mailers, posters and banners, buying air time on television are conjectured to be most effective, however the assertion that the message is delivered to the intended audience is still questionable and are exorbitantly plush or very highly priced . Contemporary world witnesses an exceptionally dynamic yet versatile way of advertising one’s business in the form of mobile marketing.
The advent of mobile technology has facilitated an effortless and much more amicable and engaging way of encompassing our client. The most spontaneous way is to send a SMS to our list of intended receivers. Industry men like travel agents or real estate dealers have started using bulk SMS services to send desired information to their client list pertaining to the fact that it is the most legitimate advertising channel. Unlike other carriers like emails, print ads, ATL/BTL activities, it is the most economic, effective and productive approach and relatively diligent. It is an innovative medium to stimulate the sale of your services and products at the most conservative and cost – efficient prices.
You can send voluminous messages with in fraction of seconds instantaneously and restrain your marketing expenditure while maintaining your visibility, increased brand awareness and assured customer loyalty accomplishing your endurance of ‘Increased Sales’. It administers the privilege of approaching maximum number of clients in one go. It adds punch to your advertisement and the message is adequately delivered in your customer’s hand. SMS marketing campaigns when launched have consistently ensured radical returns.
Despite all the above facts, it is essential to keep in mind Mobile Spamming. Over a period of time, it has become a major privacy issue, hence building and maintaining appropriate customer list is predominant.
mNatives is an organization that is constantly striving to provide its customers outstanding bulk SMS service. However, why and how this service is used depends on the individual or organization and its requirements. mNatives contributes the best quality services that could be scaled in terms of time taken to get the SMS delivered to the desired customer. The SMS can be used as Alert services by banks or various insurance companies to keep their customers informed. Also, it can be used as an informational marketing campaign by schools or colleges or various educational institutions to spread the desired message.
The mNative bulk SMS gateway is an online application that does not require any software. Its pivotal attributes are highest accuracy, instant delivery of messages and user friendly online interface. It provides the benefits like unlimited sender ids, uninterrupted services, guaranteed delivery of messages, highest level of security and confidentiality of your client base, extremely competitive prices, separate route for alerts and promotional traffic and many more.
Hence, mNatives endows, entrusts and commits unsurpassed services ensuring benefits of bulk SMS like consorting the most pervasive medium in addition to benedictions or advantages of permanence, versatility, two way communication, interactivity, economical and many more, consequently bringing in a paradigm shift in the way one can market the product.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

mNatives bulk SMS gateway is now formally launched in Indonesia, Spain & Australia

mNatives bulk SMS gateway is now formally launched in Indonesia, Spain & Australia. With salient features like global messaging, creating & Managing the groups, Scheduling SMS, SMS reminders & Greetings, template management for sending personalized messages, Microsoft Excel plug-in compatible with 2003 and 2007 versions, this SMS service is targeted to the individuals as well as small medium businesses. Our gateway lets you get connected to your customers, promote yourself via text SMS, long messages, WAP push, business card & Flash messaging.
We offer you to become our partner with a white label, highly user friendly web site which requires you to have no technical expertise. We make you resell your own brand with 24x7 technical support & creation of sender name on fly.
Our SMS gateway is highly robust, scalable with the capacity of handling a peak load of 1500 SMS per second. We have multiple operator connectivity (800+ network) and offers you a highly sophisticated cutting edge technology with nearly 100% delivery of messages across the world.
mNatives supports multiple connectivity protocol like HTTP/HTTPS/SMPP3.4. We also offer gateway connectivity with SMPP, XML which makes it simple to integrate legacy systems to our gateway, API (HTTP/s), com object & FTP
for more details visit our website : www.mnatives.com

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latest News - Bulk SMS Gateway Reseller

Adequate dissemination of information is the key to the success of any business. However, the main problem faced by marketers is to reach out to everyone in the database. Bulk SMS messaging is an ideal choice for business in today's time when mobile phones are a common sight. SMS marketing has grown dramatically in recent years and one of the most widely practiced applications include bulk SMS services, which enables sellers to reach thousands of customers in no time at a very reasonable cost. The most important task for marketers is to ensure that right information reaches the right people at the right time. This can easily be attained by using bulk SMS gateway.

For business success, it is important for marketers to use innovative marketing techniques and bulk SMS mobile messaging is one of them. With the help of the Mobile bulk SMS gateway, messages are sent via multiple routes to ensure timely delivery of the products to targeted customers.

The bulk SMS gateway has many advantages. Using SMS gateway you can easily send personalized messages, critical information and can promote your brand. You can even send a message to thousands of mobile numbers with in seconds. This Bulk message can be said to be the quietest and most the favorable time saving and cost effective way to reach people.

The most beneficial part of Bulk SMS gateway is the massive volume of receivers. Just one click and your massage is send to thousands and more people at the same time. The delivery report comes instantly, proving their speedy network. The bulk SMS gateway also provide the feature of tracking the messages sent with the comprehensive reporting which lets you do individual SMS tracking for any volume of SMS Delivery.

Bulk SMS gateway is a software utility that allows you to easily send and receive SMS messages from your PC. The mobile SMS gateway offers your business a hosted messaging platform to SMS-enable any application, website or system. It offers you the immediate ability to deliver and receive messages to and from any application that makes things easier for vendors to smoothly and efficiently send and receive SMS.

In today's modern world, bulk SMS messaging is considered the most simple, easy to use, cost effective option to send multiple messages in the shortest possible time. Bulk SMS services are specially offered to ease your business operations as sending promotional messages becomes a lot easier.

If you have a business that involves finance, travel, logistics, media, sometimes gets tired of always call your debtors and their clients and angry all the time. It is also irritating, for his part as a business owner. The problem is that you need an effective communication device to inform their clients and debtors about the debts and other things. Mnatives is a popular company in India providing high quality services for businesses, large or small. Imagine the freedom of being able to take advantage of bulk SMS to send information in a simple, accurate and all at once! In many companies, you can send bulk SMS to communicate easily with customers and clients.

This massive SMS Gateway software is in the form of an Excel program and the integrated software tool you need to install on your computer. The use of this innovative program, you can select the phone numbers embedded in a column of the program and then send most of SMS program. Once you completed your message, you can easily send information. To view messages in all recipients, you can go see and check for any errors. You can include the columns you need by specifying the column letter you want included. This bulk SMS software is very beneficial for those who want to take advantage of sending billing information, balance, credit, miscellaneous information and other essential details.
When you have this program, you can now send messages directly to customers via mail, using the mobile phone. This is the fastest way to make quick and alert notifications. You can send a result in terms of billing policies and inform them of the other things you need to send to them. The information is very essential that you need the best tools to do the job.

If you send bulk SMS, can do the job faster, however, make consistent, professional custom messages depending on the speaker and you can easily track its customers all messages that have given them. It's easy, innovative and highly beneficial to all companies. No more stress, misinformation and the delay in sending messages. Go now to Mnatives and start taking advantage of mobile technology on your own computer.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bulk SMS Reseller Services | Bulk SMS Service Company

Bulk SMS Solutions

Bulk SMS
If your business or organization needs to send a large amount of text messages, either locally in India, internationally or both, we have a solution which is tested and trusted for bulk text messaging. mNatives a bulk sms solution along with the speed of internet and the mobile phone brings an interactive and cost effective Bulk SMS platform for Enterprises.

SMS Gateway with SMPP
SMPP Gateway API is perfectly suitable for the enterprises having month on month, recurring, high volume bulk SMS requirement. SMS SMPP gateway connectivity will be issued on demand as per the custom requirements of the clients. mNatives launches SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) SMS connectivity for all high volume sms users.

International SMS
To send SMS messages worldwide, people traditionally have needed mobile phones with appropriate service packages. With mNatives platform, this is no longer the case. Now, anyone can enjoy the international power of SMS and take your text message to the next level.

2 Way Messaging
mNatives provide this facility to all users. The Two-way SMS feature works using a ‘Keyword’ as identifier of your messages. The Keyword can be up to 7 characters. Keyword can be the abbreviated form of your “Brand Name” or “Company Name” or any relevant word as per your requirement.

Voice Out Dial
With our award winning IVR solutions, technology provides organizations with a powerful communications tool. Not only can messages be delivered automatically to designated groups, but an interactive response can be programmed into this message.

J2ME & WAP Solutions
ACL’s J2EE based robust middleware client can be installed at either ACL or the enterprise data center end. At one side it exposes an interface to mobile client to perform transactions and the other side it connects and updates your Servers also.

mNatives’ MobiApp
mNatives J2ME application is a downloadable client application that eliminates the use of any browser or WAP protocols and makes you use all its features and functionalities on the move. The application is handset independent.

Email-to-SMS Service
mNatives offers Email-to-SMS service for sending SMS in a most easy way. The service is designed to deliver SMS, efficiently from anywhere, anytime. This offering is developed for the messaging needs of the users requiring instant deployment.

For more details, visit our website : www.mnatives.com

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bulk SMS Service Providers in Oman, Kuwait, Nigeria, Saudi, UAE, India, Germany

In business, it is always advantageous to have updated, innovative & aggressive strategies. Without being innovative yourself, it is very difficult to achieve the best profit in business. You need to be creative enough to reach out to your potential customers so as to excel in business.
Part of being creative is marketing: so as to reach your customers and make them know how they can be benefitted using your products and services.
Now a days you can effectively reach out to your targeted customers in the simplest way through SMS (short Messaging Service)

Now how SMS works? The answer is that, generally, a person sends a message from his own mobile phone to another person’s mobile phone by just sending the text messages via mobile phone short message service instead of calling them. This way you can convey your most important message to the other person without the hassle wasting time in communication. SMS is a very inexpensive method of communication. 160 characters take up as much room as a one-second voice call. Messages are delivered immediately (or when the phone is turned on).Just like emails they can be reviewed and stored in your phones for as long as you wish.
The same approach can be applied for sending Bulk SMS. Here you are broadcasting the message to all your targeted customers/users and this really is the easiest and the cheapest mode of communication of information. SMS messages can be sent out to huge groups of people with the single press of a button. This is a effective marketing tool where instead of talking the customer and explaining them the process of change or simply to update them of your product or service, you are informing them with a simple SMS. Using bulk SMS applications, a business can easily relay important information to clients.

Today is an age of timely communication of information. Delay in information wastes its relevance. Proper & timely communication either personal or professional bridges the gap personally as well as professionally and thus Bulk SMS sending tools become of atmost importance.

For More Details Visit Our Website : www.mnatives.com
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