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Monday, December 23, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas & New Year Bulk SMS Offer

Christmas & New Year Bulk SMS Offer ...!!! Get 5% more on your credit purchases for Global Termination. Direct Connectivity towards major destinations available. Contact at sales@acl-mobile.com

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mobile Carrier Billing and Analytics Solution for Mobile Apps Sstores & Websites, E-business

ACL Mobile Limited is one of the top 10 mobile solution companies in India with over 12 years of experience working with telecom operators across emerging markets (47+ mobile operators in 26+ countries).

We would like to introduce ACL's direct carrier billing solution - PayChamp - which is secure and easy-to-use mobile payment platform that enables digital businesses to profitably connect with over a billion mobile phone users across India and Middle East.

PayChamp offers:
-        Cross carrier billing connectivity in India and Middle East
-        Highest revenue share per user transaction from telecom operators in the market
-        Easy to integrate API's for merchants to connect to PayChamp
-        Robust technical platform with detailed online MIS system
We believe that PayChamp would help you monetize your applications and go to market in the most swift and efficient manner.
For more details visit our website : www.paychamp.com or send mail at sales@acl-mobile.com 

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Every INDIAN can now be an Enterpreneur. The future of Retail coming soon. To know more give us a missed call on 08882944422

Every INDIAN can now be an Entrepreneur. The future of Retail coming soon. To know more give us a missed call on 08882944422 [www.acl-mobile.com ]

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Click to Call & Missed call

SMS, USSD & IVR based services & Solutions

ACL is a trusted name in mobile ecosystem with over 12 years of deep specialization and domain expertise. Leadership in SMS, USSD & IVR based services & Solutions through its experience in developing and deploying solutions for a number of large and leading enterprises in India. ACL MOBILE OFFERS THESE Below Services:

·         Click 2 Call (Call Back Service)
·         Missed Call Alert Service
·         Missed Call to IVR
·         Missed Call to USSD
·         Missed Call to Call
·         Missed Call to SMS
·         Voice call
·         Outbound Dialer
·         Outbound Dialer with IVR
·         Missed Call Numbers
·         Customer Satisfaction Surveys
·         IVR customization
·         Missed call backed by SMS/Voice
·         SMS to call
·         Email to call
For more details mail sales@acl-mobile.com or call Mr. Rishi Tandon (+91-9811222888)

Monday, July 29, 2013

Bulk SMS Best Price for Middle East ( SA, Bahrain, Qatar) with Direct Pipes & All Networks

Best Price Bulk SMS in Middle East  with all Networks & Direct Route operator via VPN & A60 ( SA : 0.01E;  Bahrain : 0.01E; Qatar : 0.014E) with Delivery report ……contact @ sales@acl-mobile.com | www.acl-mobile.com

Thursday, July 18, 2013

“Click to Call” & “Missed Call“

ACL MOBILE LTD offers Best Solution and services  “click to call” & “Missed call“ services for small to Large-sized business. Contact sales@acl-mobile.com

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Looking for Bright Career & Earn Money, Come and Join as Bulk SMS Reseller with Us (Mnatives.com)

mNatives, a comprehensive Bulk SMS solutions provider, deals with seamless SMS sending procedure on the global ground by providing SMPP, CIMD, HTTP connectivity. It strives to offer easy-use bulk SMS software such as Excel-plug-in, Email-2-SMS, MobiApp that enables you to enjoy sending bulk SMS effortlessly and affordably. With our innovative reseller SMS program invention; you will be able to earn instant money by being able to buy bulk SMS credits at whole price.
Dealing with more than 2,500 customers enjoying our services, we are extensively committed to offer a distinct and comprehensive coverage as compared with other SMS providers. We stand completely independent to provide at least 800+ network operators in more than 200 countries. Our services, with the most lately technology, seek for an appreciable cost route to make proper balance between a load of messages’ delivered and at its lowest costs.
mNatives’ technology ends not only at messaging texts, but also delivers services comprising Ringtones, V-Cards, Binary, EMS, Unicode, Flash SMS, WAP Push, on demand port and many more. Moreover, for your instant connectivity and regular smooth connection with us, we with creating a smooth online environment, facilitate the option, ‘a real time account signup’ with which you can happen to make payments, check transactions, draw messages report, and enjoy a host of other activities.

mNatives’ bulk SMS reseller program is set to function as global text messaging response or resolutions. It has been designed with an aim to enable you to buy SMS credits at wholesale price and resell them at profitable rates to your customers and thus make instant money. Any individuals, SMEs and large Enterprise business units can be benefited by SMS reseller program, as it is available for everyone. Be it a full-featured SMS web application with global network connectivity, the program accredits your customers to send text messages anywhere on the global ground keeping your brand name integral. 

The SMS reseller program designed by mNatives allures customers with its incomparable features of having an extremely transparent, intelligible and manageable process system. It functions on an effectively pre paid model. You can get bulk SMS from mNatives at a good deal and further sell it at the price of your own costing. However, to access the system and make transaction, we provide all interested clients with web-based GUI. With that, you will handle and monitor your users, brand name and make advertisement of your own domain name and text messaging service. Moreover, you would be able to gain higher profits and more earning with having customers’ wide and complete database. 

mNatives’ SMS reseller program significantly targets to deliver substantial and unique service to your customers by enhancing and providing exceptional growth to your business. We, at mNatives, consistently manage to work for its higher level service improvement and ensuring more customer satisfaction. The program bestows you with the flexibility of excogitation and concentration for customers’ acquirement as well the data base expansion. However, as you may require for flourishing messaging business such as text, SI, Flash, Business Cards, SMS greeting anywhere, therefore we offer you with all backend services to deal with such necessities. You can also contact us 24x7, as we provide technical support round the clock.
We tend you to be our bulk SMS reseller and deal with 5500 billion SMS business by becoming a part of our business. It is a better option to get with it and discrete of working for yourself and able to fabricate your aim. The opportunity opens the doors for you to envision your goal and restructure to achieve it. Absolutely, with mNatives’ services, you can earn good, achieve awesome growth and make a bright career. You will be able to gain high returns on low investment! Hardly, you will happen to find a similar solution anywhere in the market.
ACL mobile ltd. Offers Send Bulk Text Messages (Transactional, Promotional) Get premium, direct property route (Dynamic, Numerical, Alpha-Numeric) for UAE, Saudi , Nigeria, Lebanon, Indonesia, Germany. Interested folks mail at sales@acl-mobile.com or visit our web site : www.mnatives.com | www.mobicast.in

Monday, March 18, 2013

Bulk SMS Marketing, SMS API Gateway, Text Services for Business, SMS Routes for Asia Pacific, Middle East, Europe, Africa via HTTP and SMPP Connectivity to Customers for sending reminders, alerts,...

mNatives bulk SMS gateway is now formally launched in Indonesia, Spain & Australia. With salient features like global messaging, creating & Managing the groups, Scheduling SMS, SMS reminders & Greetings, template management for sending personalized messages, Microsoft Excel plug-in compatible with 2003 and 2007 versions, this SMS service is targeted to the individuals as well as small medium businesses. Our gateway lets you get connected to your customers, promote yourself via text SMS, long messages, WAP push, business card & Flash messaging.
We offer you to become our partner with a white label, highly user friendly web site which requires you to have no technical expertise. We make you resell your own brand with 24x7 technical support & creation of sender name on fly.
Our SMS gateway is highly robust, scalable with the capacity of handling a peak load of 1500 SMS per second. We have multiple operator connectivity (800+ network) and offers you a highly sophisticated cutting edge technology with nearly 100% delivery of messages across the world.
mNatives supports multiple connectivity protocol like HTTP/HTTPS/SMPP3.4. We also offer gateway connectivity with SMPP, XML which makes it simple to integrate legacy systems to our gateway, API (HTTP/s), com object & FTP
Top 10 Countries with Highest No. of Mobile Phone Users in World   
Ranking                                Country Name                                Number of Mobile Phone Users
1                                              China                                                    859000000
2                                              India                                                     752000000
3                                              United States                                         279000000
4                                              Russia                                                   238000000
5                                              Indonesia                                               220000000
6                                              Brazil                                                     202944000
7                                              Vietnam                                                154000000
8                                              Japan                                                    121000000
9                                              Pakistan                                                111000000
10                                           Germany                                                105000000
Mnatives  Offers Send Bulk Text Messages (Transactional, Promotional) Get premium, direct property route (Dynamic, Numerical, Alpha-Numeric) for UAE, Saudi , Nigeria, Lebanon, Indonesia, Germany. Interested folks mail at sales@acl-mobile.com or visit our web site : www.mnatives.com | www.mobicast.in

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mnatives Offers New Latest Cheap Price of Bulk SMS (International)

Get high speed delivery with direct International/Indian operator routes, dynamic sender id, at the lowest price for high volume, resellers are also welcome.


Direct connectivity for These country.

Kuwait                      Direct Route                                                                                        0.0052 Euro
Germany                   Direct Route                                                                                        0.047 Euro
Indonesia                  Direct Route                                                                                        0.0052 Euro Oman                       Direct Route                                                                                        0.0052 Euro Saudi Arabia            Direct Route                                                                                         0.011 Euro Nigeria MTN           Direct Route                                                                                         0.004 Euro UAE                        Direct Route                                                                                         0.011 Euro Spain                                                                                                                                    0.038  Euro Pakistan                    Direct Route                                                                                        0.004 E
UK                           Direct Route                                                                                        0.015 E

Kindly get in touch with us :
Please feel free to contact me on :
Skype: acl_int
sales@acl-mobile.com | www.mnatives.com | www.mobicast.in 

ACL Mobile Ltd - Join us in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2013 as together we explore the New Mobile Horizon.

(Barcelona - Mobile World Congress 2013 - The World's Largest 3GSM Conference & Exhibition)
Beginning in 2013, Mobile World Congress will take place at Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain.

The physical address of the venue is:

Fira Gran Via
Av. Joan Carles I, 64
08908 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona (SPAIN)

Date                                            Hours
Monday, 25 February            09:30 – 18:45
Tuesday, 26 February            09:00 – 18:45
Wednesday, 27 Feb              09:00 – 18:45
Thursday, 28 February          09:30 – 16:00
For more details contact at sales@acl-mobile.com  visit our website www.mnatives.com | www.mobicast.in
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