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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Latest News - Bulk SMS Gateway Reseller

Adequate dissemination of information is the key to the success of any business. However, the main problem faced by marketers is to reach out to everyone in the database. Bulk SMS messaging is an ideal choice for business in today's time when mobile phones are a common sight. SMS marketing has grown dramatically in recent years and one of the most widely practiced applications include bulk SMS services, which enables sellers to reach thousands of customers in no time at a very reasonable cost. The most important task for marketers is to ensure that right information reaches the right people at the right time. This can easily be attained by using bulk SMS gateway.

For business success, it is important for marketers to use innovative marketing techniques and bulk SMS mobile messaging is one of them. With the help of the Mobile bulk SMS gateway, messages are sent via multiple routes to ensure timely delivery of the products to targeted customers.

The bulk SMS gateway has many advantages. Using SMS gateway you can easily send personalized messages, critical information and can promote your brand. You can even send a message to thousands of mobile numbers with in seconds. This Bulk message can be said to be the quietest and most the favorable time saving and cost effective way to reach people.

The most beneficial part of Bulk SMS gateway is the massive volume of receivers. Just one click and your massage is send to thousands and more people at the same time. The delivery report comes instantly, proving their speedy network. The bulk SMS gateway also provide the feature of tracking the messages sent with the comprehensive reporting which lets you do individual SMS tracking for any volume of SMS Delivery.

Bulk SMS gateway is a software utility that allows you to easily send and receive SMS messages from your PC. The mobile SMS gateway offers your business a hosted messaging platform to SMS-enable any application, website or system. It offers you the immediate ability to deliver and receive messages to and from any application that makes things easier for vendors to smoothly and efficiently send and receive SMS.

In today's modern world, bulk SMS messaging is considered the most simple, easy to use, cost effective option to send multiple messages in the shortest possible time. Bulk SMS services are specially offered to ease your business operations as sending promotional messages becomes a lot easier.

If you have a business that involves finance, travel, logistics, media, sometimes gets tired of always call your debtors and their clients and angry all the time. It is also irritating, for his part as a business owner. The problem is that you need an effective communication device to inform their clients and debtors about the debts and other things. Mnatives is a popular company in India providing high quality services for businesses, large or small. Imagine the freedom of being able to take advantage of bulk SMS to send information in a simple, accurate and all at once! In many companies, you can send bulk SMS to communicate easily with customers and clients.

This massive SMS Gateway software is in the form of an Excel program and the integrated software tool you need to install on your computer. The use of this innovative program, you can select the phone numbers embedded in a column of the program and then send most of SMS program. Once you completed your message, you can easily send information. To view messages in all recipients, you can go see and check for any errors. You can include the columns you need by specifying the column letter you want included. This bulk SMS software is very beneficial for those who want to take advantage of sending billing information, balance, credit, miscellaneous information and other essential details.
When you have this program, you can now send messages directly to customers via mail, using the mobile phone. This is the fastest way to make quick and alert notifications. You can send a result in terms of billing policies and inform them of the other things you need to send to them. The information is very essential that you need the best tools to do the job.

If you send bulk SMS, can do the job faster, however, make consistent, professional custom messages depending on the speaker and you can easily track its customers all messages that have given them. It's easy, innovative and highly beneficial to all companies. No more stress, misinformation and the delay in sending messages. Go now to Mnatives and start taking advantage of mobile technology on your own computer.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bulk SMS Reseller Services | Bulk SMS Service Company

Bulk SMS Solutions

Bulk SMS
If your business or organization needs to send a large amount of text messages, either locally in India, internationally or both, we have a solution which is tested and trusted for bulk text messaging. mNatives a bulk sms solution along with the speed of internet and the mobile phone brings an interactive and cost effective Bulk SMS platform for Enterprises.

SMS Gateway with SMPP
SMPP Gateway API is perfectly suitable for the enterprises having month on month, recurring, high volume bulk SMS requirement. SMS SMPP gateway connectivity will be issued on demand as per the custom requirements of the clients. mNatives launches SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer) SMS connectivity for all high volume sms users.

International SMS
To send SMS messages worldwide, people traditionally have needed mobile phones with appropriate service packages. With mNatives platform, this is no longer the case. Now, anyone can enjoy the international power of SMS and take your text message to the next level.

2 Way Messaging
mNatives provide this facility to all users. The Two-way SMS feature works using a ‘Keyword’ as identifier of your messages. The Keyword can be up to 7 characters. Keyword can be the abbreviated form of your “Brand Name” or “Company Name” or any relevant word as per your requirement.

Voice Out Dial
With our award winning IVR solutions, technology provides organizations with a powerful communications tool. Not only can messages be delivered automatically to designated groups, but an interactive response can be programmed into this message.

J2ME & WAP Solutions
ACL’s J2EE based robust middleware client can be installed at either ACL or the enterprise data center end. At one side it exposes an interface to mobile client to perform transactions and the other side it connects and updates your Servers also.

mNatives’ MobiApp
mNatives J2ME application is a downloadable client application that eliminates the use of any browser or WAP protocols and makes you use all its features and functionalities on the move. The application is handset independent.

Email-to-SMS Service
mNatives offers Email-to-SMS service for sending SMS in a most easy way. The service is designed to deliver SMS, efficiently from anywhere, anytime. This offering is developed for the messaging needs of the users requiring instant deployment.

For more details, visit our website : www.mnatives.com

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bulk SMS Service Providers in Oman, Kuwait, Nigeria, Saudi, UAE, India, Germany

In business, it is always advantageous to have updated, innovative & aggressive strategies. Without being innovative yourself, it is very difficult to achieve the best profit in business. You need to be creative enough to reach out to your potential customers so as to excel in business.
Part of being creative is marketing: so as to reach your customers and make them know how they can be benefitted using your products and services.
Now a days you can effectively reach out to your targeted customers in the simplest way through SMS (short Messaging Service)

Now how SMS works? The answer is that, generally, a person sends a message from his own mobile phone to another person’s mobile phone by just sending the text messages via mobile phone short message service instead of calling them. This way you can convey your most important message to the other person without the hassle wasting time in communication. SMS is a very inexpensive method of communication. 160 characters take up as much room as a one-second voice call. Messages are delivered immediately (or when the phone is turned on).Just like emails they can be reviewed and stored in your phones for as long as you wish.
The same approach can be applied for sending Bulk SMS. Here you are broadcasting the message to all your targeted customers/users and this really is the easiest and the cheapest mode of communication of information. SMS messages can be sent out to huge groups of people with the single press of a button. This is a effective marketing tool where instead of talking the customer and explaining them the process of change or simply to update them of your product or service, you are informing them with a simple SMS. Using bulk SMS applications, a business can easily relay important information to clients.

Today is an age of timely communication of information. Delay in information wastes its relevance. Proper & timely communication either personal or professional bridges the gap personally as well as professionally and thus Bulk SMS sending tools become of atmost importance.

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