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Thursday, October 25, 2012

ACL Mobile Ltd. Offers

ACL Mobile Offers : Get Benefited by our Bulk SMS Service An effective and smart way to spread your business.

• Get Pre registered Sender ID route for Saudi Arab and UAE @ 0.014 euro contact sales@acl-mobile.com for details

• Now Mnatives is offering Dynamic Sender Id for Germany @0.0040 EURO only

• This Christmas and New year promote your event with us, Purchase bulk SMS for US @0.006 Euro only

For more details visit our website : www.mnatives.com or contact @ sales@acl-mobile.com or skype : acl_int

Sunday, October 7, 2012

SMS Business Partnership

SMS Business Channel Partner

Benefits for a Channel Partner

Global Reach:
ü  Become part of 5500 billion SMS business
ü  Support messaging globally.
High ROI on Low Investments:
ü  Sell MVAS products at your own rate and make higher profits.
ü  Technical knowledge and hiring of development resources is not required.

ü  ACL's strong business relationship with  telecom operators ensures seamless service experience

Wide range of Product offerings:
ü  Get exclusive selling rights to wide range of products.

ü  Products like 2-Way messaging, S.C.R.E.A.M, Condition based messaging at your access.
Marketing Support:
ü  Promotional Activities for specified Territory

ü  Feeding with Leads as generated via ATL Activity

Hassle Free Operations:
ü  Send SMS from a web based easy to use white label panel
ü  Get access to all product manuals and sales training presentations
ü  Easy SMS API

ü  No technical fuss to channel partners, 24x7 support provided

Business Model

Fully prepaid

·         Channel Partners will pay ACL Mobile Ltd. Annual license fee as defined by ACL Mobile Ltd.

·         Channel partner will receive marketing benefits in terms of ATL promotional activities and lead generation as per agreed terms

·         Channel Partners will pay us to buy the messages and products for the duration of the licence in bulk at a wholesale price, and then resell it at their own desired price

·         Channel Partners will have exclusivity to a territory defined by us and no other channel partner licence holder and ACL Mobile shall/will sell MVAS products in the territory agreed

·         Channel partner will receive pricing benefits for BULK SMS and other MVAS products

·         Channel partner will receive complete online technical support in terms of product deployment and Message delivery

·         Channel partner will receive benefits of Sales planning and Product training in regards to sales support

Pre-requisites for a Channel Partner

·         Should have a registered company operating under his/her name with the registration certificate under the governing laws of the territory specified

·         Should have a defined sales force

·         A channel partner should not be in agreement with any other MVAS or any other similar product line organisation

·         A channel partner has to commit a minimum messaging traffic of 0.5 million for first quarter to begin with

Product Overview


ü  Global Messaging
ü  Message Scheduling
ü  Creation of Sender Id on a fly. Unlimited sender id supported
ü  Multilanguage messaging

ü  Send Long messages, WAP messages, Business cards, and Flash messages, SMS Greetings
ü  Monitor all your transactions

S.C.R.E.A.M (Service creation and Management Platform)

ü  User Friendly interface for multiple short codes and long codes
ü  Keyword management, Campaign management
ü  Run contests, polls through SMS
ü  Multilanguage Support

ü  Connect to third party applications and map them against different keywords
ü  Work hand in hand with media


ü Create/Modify Alerts
ü Assign Queries
ü Assign Templates
ü Add new database connections
ü Manage Frequency of each Alert

ü  Ensure prompt message delivery with minimal failure


ü Create/Modify Groups and add DELs to     groups
ü  Send messages without configuring the   messages templates
ü  Send messages using any handset
ü  Bypass NDNC/DND filtration 24*7*365 and send alert messages

ü  Fast and efficient real time alert management
ü  Increase in productivity and efficiency

Commercial Proposal

ACL offers following commercials for Channel Partner, Region/Territory <define territory>

Fee Module
Annual Licence fee
Bulk SMS purchase <enter country or global termination if specified>
<as per defined agreement>
<as per defined agreement>
MVAS product(s) <input product name>
<enter deployment quantity if procured by channel partner>
<enter price of the product >

For more details  visit our website : http://mnatives.com/business-partnership.aspx and mail sales@acl-mobile.com
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